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About us

Danesh Bonyan International Company in flavoring and food formulation industry (with IFC brand and Reg. No. 140379) since 1970, with scientific and practical experiences in manufacturing of the most famous food products around the world and obtaining international approvals has proved its ability in formulation providing and implementation of the most advanced production technology. Danesh Bonyan Company with its unique knowledge in IFC flavoring and formulation is one of the international pioneers and this exclusive specialty has been known for all successful manufacturers of food industry.
This company since 2001, with having the first and the largest research center and specialized research pilot in flavoring and formulations in the country and obtaining all internal and external necessary permits and also cooperation with the largest and most prestigious European research centers is operating with and providing services to factories, chained fast food, famous restaurants, hotels, hypermarkets and branded protein complexes.

The reason for the success of the top companies in the world is the result of thoughtful minds of their organization , because if we consider the true foundation of our organization, the progress and the bright future of the company will be guaranteed It is without saying that the experiences of such companies is considered as a guide for other organizations and the related staff. it is known as a famous company which the present condition is because of the great scientific and practical efforts of its founder who knowns himself from well-known international researchers . Undoubtedly, IFC experiences , guarantees the success of the people who believe in importance of technology and technical science.

Dr.Mahmoud Bagheri: Founder and directorate head of IFC Founder and directorate head of Iran food industries research center PhD of food industries in technology of drying food products from U.S.A PhD in food industries from France Scientific & research certificates from U.S.A. Netherland , Germany ,UK, France,Saudi Arabla,United Arab Emirates , Iran and other middle east countries in the field of the newest technical production science and formulation of all food products with several years experience in researching on formulation of food products Establishing and consultancies in running, management and research consultancy Chairman and directorate member of several Iranian and foreign authorized food industrial companies with exclusive profession in international flavoring and experiences in teaching, research, speech in universities, scientific gatherings in internal and external research centers Membership in directorate and senior consultant in conversion park of food industries and biotechnology of the country


Performing formulation and flavoring technology of all the known food products in the world market Performing production technology of all the famous food products of the world , based on international standards with high technology licensed by IFC Creation and performing formulations for new and exclusive food products which are delivered in the world for the first time , plus the production technology , inspection, scientific consultancy from the begining to the termination of the project ( such as raw material selection , machinery selection, production , packaging , quality control , healthy , laboratory and modern equipments , receiving international standards and training staff ) and correction of food product formulations which exist in factories in order to increase their shelf life , improving taste and quality promotion and etc performing variable formulations according to taste and culture of people in each country which is appropriate with nutrishing needs of different groups Performing research and industrial projects in plant and Nano & High technology, industrial biotechnology and genetics modification of agricultural products to promote their quality, enzymes production, natural colors,perservatives , plants extracts , essences , food additive, organic products,flavors and food products formulation
These services are delivered to food factories, restaurants, fast food restaurants, hotels, protein products manufacturers, caterings and hyper markets.


Visit of Pardis governor from IFC research center

Visit of Dr. Hedayat and Dr. Vaez Zade

Visit of Pardis governor from IFC research center

Visit of Pardis agriculture General Director and city managers

Visit of Pardis agriculture General Director and city managers

Visit of Pardis agriculture General Director and city managers

Visit of General Director of Pardis Ministry of Industries and Business

Sobhe Eghtesad Newspaper

Siasat Heidarabad Newspaper

Eghtesad Sabz

Asia Newspaper

Eghtesad Farda Newspaper

Sonbe Eghtesad Newspaper



IFC primitive formulated mixtures , consist of flavorings mix , spices, marinades , essences , preservatives , food complements, colors , and other additives for consumption in food products of the factories , restaurants , hotels , caterings , are provided for other production centers and home consumptions IFC Primitive formulated mixtures with the highest standards and organoleptic , quality and healthy international certificates with variable packaging are produced according to the needs, taste and food habits of people in each country and for different groups of the society
Formulated raw materials by IFC are delivered for producing below products:

Restaurants, Hotels, Caterings, Coffee Shops and Hyper Markets:

Fried Chicken Powder (Coated and Marinade) (Normal and Spicy)
Seasoning of Chicken and Meat Steak
Seasoning of Sauces and Dips
Seasoning of Pizza Sauce
Seasoning of Pasta
Seasoning of French Fries
Seasoning of Fishes and Shrimps
Seasoning of Burgers
Seasoning of Mashroom and Fried Onion
Seasoning of Salads
Seasoning of Soups
Seasoning of Kebabs and Barbecue
Seasoning of Feed
Seasoning of Traditional Foods
Seasoning of Roasted Chicken
Seasoning of International Foods

Food Industry Plants:

Seasoning of Canned Industry
Seasoning of Sauces
Seasoning of Protein Products, Fishes and Chickens
Seasoning of Meat Industry, Sausages
Baby Food
Tea and Coffee
Confectionery and Chocolate Industry
Industry of Dried Fruits and Vegetables
Bread And Biscuits Industry
Confectionery Industry
Prepared and ready to eat food, Instant Soups
Prepared and Semi-Prepared Foods
Essential Oil and Natural Extracts
Dairy Industry
Authorized Additives
Seasoning of Snack and Nuts Industry

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